Spring 2017


Instructor                   : Assist.Prof.Dr. Tamer KILIÇ

Phone Number           : 0 (312) 2331197, 0 (505) 791 47 41

Email                           :,

Classroom                  : KA06

Lecture Hours           : Wednesday from 09.20 AM to 12.20 PM

Office Hours              : Wednesday from 13.30 AM to 16.30 PM

Course Description

     This course focuses on leadership in organizations. Organizational leadership is the process of influencing other people to achieve organizational goals. The art of leading people is full of tremendous challenge. But it is also a great opportunity to create and bring change. This course’s main emphasis will be on managerial leadership as opposed to parliamentary leadership, leadership of social movements, or emergent leadership in informal groups.

     In this class we will survey a broad range of theory and research on leadership in formal organizations for expanding the scope and depth of the student's knowledge of leadership. The content of the class will reflect a dual status of theory and practice incorporating case studies. This course is designed to focus on effective leadership in organizations and is relevant to those students who are currently managers; or those that expect to enter into a leadership position after completing their college education.

     What is leadership? What makes a great leader? Can leadership be learned? Improved? Practiced? In this course we will explore various theoretical approaches to leadership, with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of this evasive phenomenon. Our focus will be the mutual relations between the leaders, the followers, and the context in which these relations take place.

     Additionally, we will aim at developing your personal leadership skills. This will be achieved through engaging in self-exploration and reflection, the use of self-assessment instruments, role-play, and feedback from peers. Good luck and enjoy this learning opportunity!

Course Objectives

     The main objective of this course is to introduce the basic concepts, theoretical perspectives and practical application of the leadership. At the end of this course, students should have a better conceptual sense of leadership and motivation, and important insights into themselves as potential leaders and motivators.